Prosoniq – Plugins Bundle (VST) [WIN x86]


Year of issue: 2007
Developer: Prosoniq Products Sofware
Platform: Windows

Description: Professional plugins for specialists in their field). Prosoniq products have won numerous awards in prestigious competitions. Excellent algorithms and capabilities of these plugins will pleasantly surprise you. I strongly recommend that you go to the manufacturer’s website, watch, read, listen to demos – after that all questions and doubts will disappear forever. There you can also download impulses for reverb for free.

TimeFactory 2 – there is no point in talking about this plugin, I can only say that it is a must have in any studio.

Prosoniq Morph is a very interesting plugin. Allows you to transform one sound into another, like a video effect, when one face turns into another face, as in the old M. Jackson’s clip. Alternatively, you can take two sounds and give the first sound the color or timbre of the other. Funny thing, I advise you to experiment.

OrangeVocoder is one of the best software vocoders out there. Works as an emulator for analog vocoders, delivering high quality, clear sound. He was awarded a number of prizes.

PiWarp is the original plugin for distorting sounds. Used primarily on strings for an extravagant sound. You can also process vocals, creating alien voices)) If you work hard, you get funny things.

VoxCiter is an effective plugin for “enhancing” vocals and giving them life. Now without it anywhere, you have to make candy out of g ***.

Dynasone is a powerful plugin for processing the final mix. Has optimization algorithms that produce very clear, professional sound. Great stuff.
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