Steinberg – Wizoo Xphraze v1.2 (VST) [WIN x86]


Version: v1.2
Developer: Steinberg
Platform: PC
Vista Compatibility: Unknown
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: The Xphraze VST 1.0 plug-in, created by Steinberg in cooperation with Wizoo, is a polyphonic phrase synthesizer that allows you to create chord patterns, riffs, bass parts, effects, arpeggios, pads, lead sounds, drum parts. The module has four-part multitimbrality, 256 preset and 256 user phrases. A patch consists of a Phrase Generator, Amp Block, and a Multi-Mode Filter, each with a separate envelope generator.

In addition, there are two additional envelope generators, four LFOs, arpeggiator, unison mode, 32-step phrase generator, modulation matrix with 24 sources and 16 targets, real-time remixing of tracks using MIDI, insert and general stereo effects, four stereo outputs, function of automated morphing of patches, built-in browser of combinations, patches and phrases, on-screen keyboard and wheels, advanced modulation, automation and synchronization capabilities.