Precisionsound – Weltmeister Accordion (HALion, Kontakt)


Developer: Precisionsound
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Description: Very good accordion samples
The “Weltmeister Meteor” Piano Accordion was manufactured in Germany in
the early eighties or late seventies. Sold mostly in the east & south
Europe. This item is bought in Greece in the mid eighties & in perfect

The complete SampleSet contains 567 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples &
17 programs, each for HALion 1. *, HALion 2.01 & NI Kontakt.
Almost every note has been sampled with 2 velocity levels. It’s the
bellow in / out dragging that’s splitted into velocity zones. Release
samples to get the “air” of the Accordion. This makes the difference
between playing a sample of an accordion or actually feel & hear the
presence of the “real” instrument. All 5 key register positions has been
sampled & divided into 4 SampleSets for download & a BUNDLE for a
reduced price.

Each SampleSet contains 4 sample programs: “Mini”, “Optimal”, “Extended”
& “Dream”. No basses.

“Mini” Budget version that loads less samples. Suitable when you have
small amounts of RAM available in your sampler.
“Optimal” The version with almost all samples loaded.
“Extended” Mostly true to the original instrument with all samples.
“Dream” Both velocity splits layered & no release samples. Dreamy, fat &
more “Pad” like. No ambition to sound realistic, only good.
All WAV samples have been tweaked for playability & realism within the
programs. You get a fast response when playing, no need for staccato
samples. The modulation wheel gives you the ability to do manual

Bonus instrument! You get the “Pianica 32A” SampleSet for FREE with the
CD-ROM & the Weltmeister Accordion BUNDLE (HALion / Kontakt Download)
We recommend the HALion 2.0 & Kontakt programs for best modulation
possibilities. & a volume pedal for swells.