ASK Video – Sibelius Tutorial DVD Bundle (TUTORIAL)


Manufacturer: ASK Video
Year of issue: 2007
English language

Description: Sibelius is one of the most complete software systems for writing, playing, printing and publishing sheet music. These lessons from ASK Video will teach you how to use this wonderful program. The lessons are suitable for all users. The version in question is Sibelius 4.
Attention: the video can only be played by the launcher, enter anything in the registration form. Sibelius is one of the most complete software programs for writing, playing, printing and publishing music notation. In this tutorial two pack from ASK Video you will learn how to master this fantastic program. This two pack is a great for all users, whether you are a novice or a pro. It’s the next best thing to having the expert right there beside you.

49 Videos
5+ hours of instructional video
Easy to use interface
Hostess introduces every video adding a personal touch not seen in other ‘tech’ tutorials.
Tutorial uses Sibelius 4
Mac OS X & Windows compatible
DVD-Rom, DVD (NTSC) and DVD (PAL) all in one package!


25 High Quality Videos – Installation PC, Installation Mac, Recommended Equipment, Audio & MIDI Set-Up, Getting Started: Quickstart, Getting Started: Setting Up, Getting Started: Instruments – example video, Getting Started: Menus, Creating Your First Score, Adding Notes: Basics, Adding Notes: Advanced, Editing: Create & Delete, Editing: Copy & Paste, Guitar Tab – example video, File Backup / Recovery, Key & Time Signature, FlexiTime Recording 1, FlexiTime Recording 2, Transposing Instruments, Lines and Slurs: Creation, Lines and Slurs: Playback – example video, Text and Lyrics 1 – example video, Text and Lyrics 2, Markers and Chords, Markers and Codas

High Quality Videos – MIDI Files & Making a CD, Working with Multiple Voices 1 – example video, Working with Multiple Voices 2, Manuscript Paper: Styles, Manuscript Paper: Layout, Advanced Filters: Selection, Advanced Filters: Multi Copy, Working with Parts & Scores, Drum Notation: Settings, Drum Notation: MIDI Entry – example video, Live Playback: Options, Live Playback: Transform – example video, Live Playback: Dictionary, WorkSheet Creator: Basics, WorkSheet Creator: Fun & Games, WorkSheet Creator: Customization, Score Layout: Format, Score Layout: Auto Layout, Parts & Scores: Basics, Parts & Scores: Appearance, Parts & Scores: Tips & Tricks, Symbols & Graphics, Working with Video – example video, Internet Publishing.