RealGuitar Basics Video Tutorial (TUTORIAL)


Year of issue: 2006
Manufacturer: MusicLab (Sergey Egorov)
English language

Video parameters:
Format: AAC, Stereo (L R), 44.100 kHz
Mpeg-4 video, 720 x 576
FPS: 25.00
FPS Playback: 25.00
Bit rate: 1.66 Mbps

Description: The training video course “RealGuitar Basics” contains 13 lessons with 19 videos of live performance, which will help you easily comprehend the basic principles of working with the plug-in and quickly master the initial technique of performance.
In this video course Sergey Egorov, the author of the RealGuitar idea, demonstrates features and performance techniques that are not used in any of the existing samplers and synthesizers. So you can safely forget about them by starting to work with RealGuitar.

Part I. Solo Mode
Tutorial 1. Harmonics
Tutorial 2. Sustain Pedal
Tutorial 3. Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide
Tutorial 4. Automatic Bend
Tutorial 5. Repetitions
Tutorial 6. Mutes
Part II. Chords mode
Tutorial 7. Strum, Muted Strum
Tutorial 8. Rasgueado Strums, Flamenco
Part III. Bass & Chord Mode
Tutorial 9. Bass and Strum technique
Part IV. Bass & Pick Mode
Tutorial 10. Bass and Arpeggio
Tutorial 11. Automatic Slide
Tutorial 12. Tremolo on the 1 String
Tutorial 13. Bass Line

Add. information:
The tutorial is in html form, that is, in the form of web pages with pieces of video. The theory is presented in English text with tables and diagrams, and the video itself – just the practical elements of this tutorial – are inserted in different parts. Any web browser is suitable for viewing, such as IE, Opera, Firefox, etc. Open the file called “Index.htm”. If the theory is not interesting, then the “video” folder is right for you.