Steinberg Audio Mastering Tutorial DVD Vol. III (TUTORIAL)


◙ Year of issue: 2007
◙ Country: Germany
◙ Genre: Video tutorials
◙ Duration: more than 180 minutes

◙ Quality: DVD5
◙ Format: DVD Video
◙ Video Codec: H.26x
◙ Audio codec: M4A (tracks)
◙ Video: 1024 x 460, 2.226 (~ 20: 9), 602kbps, 13,491frms
◙ Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 192 kb / s tot, stereo (2/0)
◙ Minimum system requirements:

Mac OS X v10.4
Power Mac G4 1.87 GHz
256 MB RAM
Display resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
CoreAudio compatible audio hardware is required
Quicktime 7.1.3
DVD drive required for installation

Windows XP Home or XP Professional
Intel / AMD 2 GHz
256 MB RAM
Display resolution 1024×768 pixels
Windows MME compatible audio hardware is required
Quicktime 7.1.3
DVD drive required for installation

▼ Description: Continuing a series of lessons from the renowned master of his craft, Friedemann Tischmeyer, now you will learn the technique of professional mastering at home or studio conditions, you will learn all the subtleties and tricks of this difficult final stage of the release of audio content. Follow the instructions and you will increase your knowledge to the level of leading masters, which is Herr Tischmeier.
Audio Mastering is the ideal mastering compendium for every audio engineer, producer, media technician or even ambitious home studio enthusiast who masters with a PC workstation, or wants to begin producing their own masters. It provides one of the most complete works on digital audio basics and professional mastering techniques available today. This comprehensive compendium of digital mastering knowledge on three DVD-ROMs contains a huge range of strategies, tips and hints on using computers to create the best sounding masters possible. Audio Mastering provides support for and extends existing knowledge for engineers looking for a way of extending existing knowledge. Audio Mastering includes full English, German, French and Spanish versions.
With more than 180 minutes of video on Volume I, and more than 160 minutes of video on each Volume II and Volume III Audio Mastering offers comprehensive knowledge about digital techniques and skilled handling of digital audio data using WaveLab to attain the best possible results in professional mastering. Fundamentals such as PCM, jitter and dithering are covered extensively, as well as other areas such as such as workflow optimization and data preparation for creating master media. Audio Mastering also offers invaluable strategies for creative sound processing, with real-world applications and practical examples that support learning.

(cont. chapter II: Workflow)

  1. Phase 2: Creative sound processing
  2. Optimizing the best-sounding track
  3. Using the leveler for A/B comparisons
  4. Saving master section settings
  5. PQ editing
  6. Editing CD text & EAN / ISRC
  7. Final master montage
  8. Phase 3: Follow up
  9. Verification master
  10. Error elimination
  11. Choice of master medium / DDP versus CD-R/CD-ROM
  12. Audio CD report

(Chapter III: Creative Sound Processing)

  1. Basic strategies
  2. Order of processing steps
  3. Working with EQs
  4. Fletcher-Munson curve and EQing
  5. Important filter types
  6. Compressors
  7. Typical examples and strategies
  8. Practical editing examples with master section