Steinberg – Magneto v1.5 (VST) [WIN x86]


Version: 1.5
Developer: Steinberg
Platform: PC VST
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Description: One of the very first and most successful plug-ins that emulate the saturation of studio tape recorders (tape machines). Virtually allows you to change the speed of the tape (15-30 inches per second), the level of recording on the tape (degree of saturation), provides high frequency adjustment.
The effect of tape saturation is well known to those people who worked in studios with ANALOG tape machines (Studer, Sony, Tascam), which are now out of production due to the widespread introduction of cheaper and more convenient digital technologies for recording signals. The tape machine has the unique ability to breathe life into a sterile signal, refine it, make it fatter and rounder, without changing its original character. And most importantly, the sound acquires depth, musicality and naturalness.
audio workstation!

The digital audio recording era has provided us with that clear & clean
digital sound! No more tape noise, no more problems with worn out tape
reels. However, digital sound is perceived to be somewhat “sterile” and
“cold”, compared with high quality analog recordings. Magneto brings the
positive qualities of analog recording to your digital system, by
recreating the sound of analog tape saturation. It’s suitable for nearly
any musical instrument: drums, bass, vocals, synth, … And of course for
the final mix!
And Magneto doesn’t stop at just simulating the sound of the tape: the
behavior of a complete analog tape machine was analyzed and implemented
(without the drawbacks of that media, of course). Once you have added
Magneto to your system, you’ll never want to live without it again!

Whatґs new :

  • New interface
  • Automatic channel routing
    no dedicated mono version necessary anymore
  • 96 kHz compatible