Audiffex InterFX – Plugins Bundle v2.0.7.1 (VST) [WIN x86]


Year of issue: 2008
Version: v2.0.7.1
Developer: Audiffex InTone Instruments
Platform: Windows
Interface language: English only
System requirements: Windows, VST Host

Description: Audiffex InterFX Plugins Bundle VST v2.0.7.1 are part of Audiffex InTone Instruments Solutions. These vst plugins are completely ready for use with any VST host application.

This set includes:

AP-2 AutoPan
AT-2 Auto Tuner
AW-2 AutoWah
BD-2 BPM Delay
BL-2 Blues Drive
CH-2 Bass Chorus
CH-2 Chorus
CL-2 Clean Preamp
CM-2 Compressor
CP-2 Crunch Preamp
DT-2 Bass Distortion
DT-2 Distortion
EC-2 Exciter
EG-2 Expander Gate
FL-2 Bass Flanger
FL-2 Flanger
GE-2 Bass Graphic Equalizer
GE-2 Graphic Equalizer
HG-2 HiGain Preamp
LC-2 Level Control
NG-2 Noise Gate
OD-2 Bass Overdrive
OD-2 Overdrive
OT-2 Octaver
PA-2 Power Amp
PE-2 Parametric Equalizer
PH-2 Bass Phaser
PH-2 Phaser
PR-2 Bass Preamp
PW-2 Pedal Wah
RV-2 Reverb
SP-2 Bass Speaker Simulator
SP-2 Speaker Simulator
TC-2 Bass Tone Control
TC-2 Tone Control
TR-2 Tremolo