iZotope – Spectron v1.14 (VST, DX, AS, RTAS, HTDM) [WIN x86]


Year of issue: 2008
Version: v1.14
Developer: IZotope
Tabletka: Present

Description: Spectron is the next generation of spectral effects plug-ins that allow frequency control of audio material.
Spectron splits audio material into thousands of frequency bands, applies independent delay, morph, filter and panning, and then re-synthesizes the processed audio material into an entirely new sound.

Using this unique control at individual frequencies, the Spectron can be similar to phaser, chorus, vocoder and many other effects.
Spectron is perfect for manipulating loops and samples, developing sound effects, and producing electronic & dance music.
Even though Spectron’s approach to processing is unique, its interface is based on standard controllers.

Spectron effects are controlled by Spectral Nodes, which behave like Parametric EQ nodes that control frequency, presence, bandwidth, and shape.
You can use Spectron Nodes with LFOs and envelopes, opening up a whole new level of creativity.

Frequency, presence, shape, and depth are automated with advanced speed control, and patterns that are not possible with normal automation.
With Spectron, you can easily create effects not possible with analog hardware.

Spectron is the ideal tool for creating atmospheric soundscapes and special effects for the sound design of films, videos and games.
Spectron can be used on its own with the growing number of factory presets installed.

Spectron supports over 225 automated parameters.

Main functions:
* perfect toolkit for controlling spectral effects
* spectral morph, filter, pan, delay, and smear
* full control over synthesizers and samples
* control of individual frequencies
* user-friendly graphical user interface