iZotope – Trash 1.14 (VST, DX, RTAS, HTDM) [WIN x86]


Year of issue: 2008
Version: v1.14
Developer: IZotope
Tabletka: Present

Description: iZotope Trash is an instrumental effect processor. Powerful all-in-one plugin
iZotope Trash contains 6 sections, and it is not necessary to use all of them, you can enable or disable them selectively. An interesting feature is that by clicking on the Graph button, you can set the queue for each of these sections. Gray denotes “bypass” sections, black – active ones.

Squash is a compressor for dynamic processing of the input signal. In this initial step, the correct setting of the compressor plays an important role in order to achieve the desired result later. In addition to the compressor, this section also contains a gate with manual settings – a useful thing for limiting or suppressing noise during pauses. The compressor can operate not only in normal mode, but also in multi-band mode. It is possible to use up to 4 bands and for each individual settings.

Pre-filter – filter for the input signal. Has rich settings, in particular a set of presets for each point on the frequency response curve.
Trash is actually the most basic module, which is a distortion emulator. A huge number of ready-made presets are presented in the Algorithms list. There is a “bifurcation” function, i.e. setting two Trash for a richer effect. Another feature is that it can work in multi-band mode (up to 4 bands), and for each band, individual settings are possible. This is truly an unusual approach!
Post-filter – for filtering after effects. Slightly different from the Pre-filter.

Box-model is an amplifier, speaker and microphone emulator. The microphone emulator allows you to choose from three types – dynamic, condenser and ribbon. Amplifiers are combined with speakers and are selected in the Box models list. In addition to the classic models, there are also experimental presets in the FX category.

Buzz is a bit of a cryptic section. In general, its purpose is to expand the stereo base and sound saturation, in addition, there is a digital delay line (Delay). There are also 6 types of processing – in the Buzz Type list.