TOBYBEAR – DC Killer v1.0 (VST) [WIN x86]

Version: 1.0
Developer: TOBYBEAR
Platform: PC VST
Interface language: English only
Tablet: Not required

Description: DC offset is an unwanted artifact in the digital domain, manifested in the presence of a constant component in the digital sound wave (the shift of the entire wave relative to the zero axis). DC offset occurs in some AD converters (due to insufficiently modified filtering link of the converter), as well as when some plug-ins are running. As a result, waves with DC offset during editing can produce noticeable clicks at the splice points, the entire mix can sound quieter after the final maximization with DC offset (if it is present on some tracks) than without it, etc. Many DAWs allow you to eliminate DC in offline mode, however, you may need to get rid of DC offset in groups in realtime, in which case this plugin can come in handy. Also, with the help of this plug-in, you can get rid of unwanted infra-low-frequency vibrations (for example, when recording a microphone without a windshield). It works in four different modes, depending on the purpose.

Add. info: copy to the VSTPLUGINS directory.