TriTone Digital – VST plugins v1.6 (VST) [WIN x86]


Year of issue: 2007
Version: 1.6
Developer: TriTone Digital
Platform: PC MAC
Vista Compatibility: Unknown
System requirements: DAW
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present


ClassicTone-56 is the closest to the original recreation of one of the best sounding graphic equalizers ever made. These graphic equalizers are used in mixing consoles and amplifiers around the world and are valued for their quality.
TriTone Digital VALVETONE VST RTAS v1.44 – As reported by the developers of this plugin to, VALVETONE is a unique equalizer that pays tribute to the classic equalizers. It’s all about silky sex appeal and incredibly thick tone. Deceptively simple BASS and TREBLE controls provide boost and cut algorithms that are both complex and pleasing. The DRIVE control provides you with four completely unique EQ curves: “Toasty 1” and “Toasty 2”, which provides warm, velvet-smooth EQ, and “Smokin 1” and “Smokin 2”, which are more driven, colored and over -the-top.
The HydraTone equalizer is ideal for mixing. Tritone Digital Hydratone is a parametric equalizer that uses a completely new mixing method that allows you to process the signal with an analogue equalizer with digital quality. In HydraTone, you can select individual EQ algorithms for each band that simulate the operation of the world’s renowned analog EQs.
In addition, HydraTone provides unique expansion filters, signal frequency rotation and equalization, signal routing for each output in individual paths and a special Fire effect that makes the sound smooth.
The AngelTone equalizer is ideal for mastering. It has five bands, each of which has an algorithm selector, level and frequency controls. Three parametric bands with a Q-factor, the two remaining bands have a filter mode switch (peak or shelf type). General control of the output level.
The TriTone ColorTone VST plug-in simulates studio hardware devices through “convolution”. Includes impulse responses from known devices, and the ability to create your own. There are controls for the intensity of color and “warming” of the sound, a mode of mixing direct and processed signals (the balance depends on the level of the input signal) with a control for the level of the processed signal, controls and indicators of input and output levels. Bit depths up to 32 bits and sampling rates up to 96 kHz are supported.
PulTone-FL is a re-creation of a super-sweet passive software filter set. These studio classics are one of the best ways to tune and shape tracks to create space in a mix or create frequency-limited effects such as classic telephone vocals. These are simply the smoothest filters for splitting your tracks into new and unique shapes!


Add. information: Rule for installation. Install pluggoruntime361 in Program files / Steinberg / VstPlugins. The Pluggo Runtime folder will appear. Install plugins in Pluggo Runtime folder (required) Open Cubase, insert plugins, enter key.