GRM Tools Spectral Transform v1.6 (VST) [WIN x64]


Version: v1.6
Developer: Steinberg
Platform: VST
Vista Compatibility: Unknown
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Description: A package of four plugins for creative work with sound. Includes:
Contrast – Adds life and depth to mixes during the mastering stage. Works with harmonics.
Contrast takes a completely original approach to compression / expansion-type processing technique.
Contrast analyzes a user-defined frequency range within the spectrum of an input sound and groups the frequency components within that range according to the strength of their amplitudes. The groups are frequency components with strong amplitudes, frequency components with medium amplitudes, and frequency components with weak amplitudes. The strength of each of the groups can then be modified independently.
Why do this? Because this approach allows you to redefine the character of a sound in a powerful and original way. If you decrease the strength of the medium and weak amplitudes, thus emphasizing the strong amplitudes, for example, you’ll make a sound more mellow. If you strengthen the medium amplitudes relative to the stronger and weaker amplitudes, you’ll add vibrancy, liveliness, and depth to a sound. If you strengthen the weak amplitudes relative to the others, you’ll make the sound more metallic, harsh, and percussive. Equalize – 31-band graphic equalizer.
Equalize is a 31-band graphic equalizer. Each band, controlled by a single slider, is 1/3-octave according to the ISO norm. You can create an equalization curve with simple mouse gestures, for example, or move the curve to higher or lower frequencies, or control any number of sliders as a group. Intuitive mouse-and-key commands are used to manipulate the slider controls so easily and responsively, the plug-in is performable.
Shift contains two functions that can be used separately or together. The scale function transposes a sound by multiplying each spectral component by a constant frequency.
The shift function is a frequency shifter, sometimes referred to as a single-sideband ring modulator, that adds a constant frequency to each spectral component. When you use a frequency shifter, harmonic sounds become inharmonic.FreqWarp – Another unique sound transformer that uses frequency modulation.
The input bar beneath the control window shows a bar display of the frequency components of an input sound, where low-to-high frequencies are represented left to right and the intensity of the frequency components is represented by color. The output bar to the left of the control window shows a bar display of the output sound, where low-to-high frequencies are represented bottom to top and the intensity of the frequency components is represented by color density.
The diagonal line shown in the control window defines the transpositions from input sound to output sound. When the diagonal line is straight from lower left to upper right, the position of any point on the line indicates the same frequency along the input and output bars. When you click on the diagonal line, or anywhere in the control window, you create a junction point at a specific position that represents a source frequency in the input sound and a destination frequency in the output sound. You are, in effect, transferring a frequency from the input sound to a new position in the output sound, and the output sound will contain a rearrangement of the frequency components of the input sound. This can result in a radical change in timbre.