otiumFX – Compadre Beatpuncher 1.1 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of issue: 2008
Version: 1.1
Developer: otiumFX
Platform: Windows
Vista Compatible: Yes
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: A very up-to-date VST plug-in compressor. It has a pronounced character and an elastic, biting sound. We will especially use it in aggressive styles. Designed specifically for processing rhythm section instruments, including loops. It has a sidechain function – controlling the degree of compression from another signal: this is necessary if, for example, you want to lower the volume of any instruments at the moment when another instrument or vocals start playing. This improves the overall transparency of the mix, its volume. In addition, this compressor has a very valuable thing: the DRY / WET signal control, which allows you to mix the compressed signal with the original right in the plug-in. Thus, you can easily, without resorting to subgroups, apply to the processed signals a trick of the so-called “New York compression”: when not the entire signal is compressed, but only its admixed part. The result is a more natural sound, with elements of the dynamics of the original source + the character and power of the compressor. Compressor control signal filters are also built in.

  • Feed forward RMS compressor with high quality characteristics.
  • Multiple compression modes for expanded flexibility.
  • True stereo sidechain. (4 channel input; 1 + 2 = audio, 3 + 4 = Sidechain)
  • High & lowpass filters on the sidechain.
  • Further 9 filter models featuring presets with key frequencies in drummixing.
  • Adjustable low-level controls to finetune the compression characteristics.
    (“Snap”, “Linearity” & “Envelope”).
  • Dry / wet control allowing easy “parallel compression”.
  • Optional extra “Crunch” by enabling a built-in second compressor on the output
  • Optional limiter on output.
  • Zero latency.
  • 80 categorized presets included.

Optional: the sound with its “whip” reminded me of the handwriting of an analog dbx 160