Sonalksis – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0 (VST, AU, RTAS) [MAC]


Year of issue: 2008
Version: 3.0.0
Developer: Sonalksis
Platform: Intel / ppc
System requirements: OS X:
– Mac OS X (10.3.9 minimum)
– G4 400 MHz / Intel Core
– 64 MB RAM
– XVGA [High Color 1024×768]
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle is a high-quality set of vst plug-ins for compression, equalization and gate at the level of high-quality analog devices.
The SV-315 compressor combines both physical modeling to achieve the sound of classic compressors / limiters, and configuration flexibility that is only achievable in digital implementations.
Equalizer SV-517 is a 6-band tonal equalizer designed for serious audio processing tasks. It, like the SV-315 compressor, combines analog character and digital flexibility.
The CQ1 Multiband Frequency Selective Dynamic Compressor provides independent processing of four frequency ranges. Unlike most multiband compressors, this module is designed to handle difficult material. The CQ1 uses the principle of “dynamic equalization” and is therefore applicable to a wider range of applications.
The DQ1’s dynamic equalizer is extremely flexible for fine tuning, for shaping a characteristic sound, for processing background sounds, or for restoration. Like the rest of Sonalksis’ products, this instrument provides superior sound quality and will harmoniously complement any signal processing chain.
Sonalksis TBK Creative Filter is the first “adaptive resonance” filter that automatically adjusts its parameters in accordance with the psychoacoustic model.
Sonalksis TBK2 Digital Grimebox is a destructive module consisting of a bit / sample rate reduction unit, an adaptive distortion unit and a low-pass filter.
Sonalksis is a professional sound processing plugin manufacturer that has already become famous for the highest quality of its products.
description from worxone

This set includes:
Sonalksis CQ1 Mono
Sonalksis CQ1 Stereo
Sonalksis DQ1 Mono
Sonalksis DQ1 Stereo
Sonalksis FreeG Mono
Sonalksis FreeG Stereo
Sonalksis MaxLimit Mono (new!)
Sonalksis MaxLimit (new!)
Sonalksis MultiLimit (new!)
Sonalksis StereoTools (new!)
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Mono Compressor SC
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Mono Compressor
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Stereo Compressor SC
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Stereo Compressor
Sonalksis SV-517Mk2 Mono EQ
Sonalksis SV-517Mk2 Stereo EQ
Sonalksis SV-719 Mono Gate SC
Sonalksis SV-719 Mono Gate
Sonalksis SV-719 Stereo Gate SC
Sonalksis SV-719 Stereo Gate
Sonalksis TBK Mono
Sonalksis TBK Stereo
Sonalksis TBK2 Mono
Sonalksis TBK2 Stereo
Sonalksis TBK3 Mono
Sonalksis TBK3 Stereo
Sonalksis Ultimate-D (new!)

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