D16 – Devastor v1.0 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of issue: 2008

Version: 1.0

Developer: D16

Platform: PC VST

Compatibility with Vista: yes

Interface language: English only

Tablet: Present

Description: Devastor is a multi-band distortion from a Polish manufacturer. The plugin consists of three blocks:

  • gain section
  • diode clipper distortion
  • filter

Filters are similar in structure to those found in analog synthesizers. The plugin can be used on a wide range of signals: from synthesizers to guitars. They can even handle drums to make them sound dirtier and more dynamic. However, Devastor can also be used on gentle signals without causing distortion, but only by introducing a completely elusive character into the sound. When developing the plug-in, manufacturers took care of introducing a special system against the occurrence of intermodulation into the algorithm. As a result, the device sounds extremely musical and soft, has a high quality sound. The sound is very similar to the sound of analog distortion panels.

  • one of the best diode-clipper distortion emulators
  • analog type filters
  • dynamic leveler
  • presets organized into groups
  • work via MIDI is possible
  • pre / post mode for each filter
  • 64bit internal computing
  • low parasitic intermodulation rate

Add. Info: For installation instructions, see the enclosed NFO.