RSO – ExTreme Punch 3 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of issue: 2007
Version: 3.0
Platform: PC
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Plugin to simulate the operation of a tape recorder. As you know, high-quality tape machines have a very beneficial effect on the sound, making it soft, round and pleasant. This plugin is designed to replicate this “rounding” and “warming” effect in the digital domain without going into analog.
Ever wish your digital recordings sounded more… .analog?
We designed Extreme Punch to do just that.
Analog tape gets its appealing sound from tape saturation.
Tape saturation is the result of the magnetic partials in
analog tape getting 100% magnetically charged.
The result is an aesthetic density that has the “classic”
sound that analog tape has since become known for.
Extreme Punch emulates tape compression and warms up
digital signals.
From myself, I can add that if you apply this effect on some separate parts, or mix it through a send, it sounds very appropriate. Try it!