Celemony – Melodyne Plugin v1.0.4.2 (VST, AU, RTAS) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2008
Developer: Celemony
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
System requirements: 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: This plugin allows you to work with recorded mono audio data in the usual
musician form – editing and changing the sound is done by adjusting
directly the musical and melodic characteristics of the audio.
Namely, the program reads the original mono audio material, analyzes it, based on
which represents audio data in the form of sections (samples) of this material scattered over
the corresponding notes (after marking the rhythm grid).
Now the user can take separate sections of audio and raise / lower them according to the score
will become, which will accordingly be reflected in the pitch of the sound – in this way it is produced
editing the pitch. Similarly, you can change the duration of the sounding sections
(time-stretch), as well as formant composition, amplitude and other characteristics.
The program allows you to work with an unlimited number of audio tracks at the same time. Need to
to note the very high quality of the sound processing algorithms. Using the program can
be extremely indispensable, for example, when adjusting vocals.

Add. info: new version of the plugin
install. find in libraries-audio-plugins-components.
select show package contents.
replace the file in the resorche folder.
use the serial from the tablet.
choose offline registration.
send the pretender code to the desktop.
paste the code into the tablet.
send to your desktop or elsewhere.
insert the activator in the plugin.
open tableka in CrossOver
For those who did not understand

Here is from the info file :
1.run Setup.dmg
2.replace Melodyne plugin.pub in Melodyne plugin \ resources dir
3. Use AiR PC Keygen To Generate A Serial
4. Select Offline Mode
5. Export Activation File
6. Import Activation File Into Keygen
7. Save License File
8. Import License File Into Melodyne Plugin
9. Enjoy