Steinberg – Virtual Guitarist (VST) [MAC x86]


Developer: Steinberg & Wizoo
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, 1.6 GB available hard disk space.
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: The well-known program Virtual Guitarist, created jointly by Steinberg & Wizoo. These are 2 VST 2.0 modules – a virtual rhythm guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric guitar, in all keys and chords of varying difficulty.
Recordings of real guitar parts, controlled via MIDI, are used. The parts match the tempo of the song. There are 27 “performers” representing different styles and sounds (finger accompaniment, 12-string guitar, metal guitar, funky electric guitar, clean strat, wow guitar, metal), eight variations per performer … Real-time variation in sound and phrasing is supported through the keyboard, mod wheel, dynamics messages and aftertouch. Swinging, syncoping, “hanging” chords, changing dynamics and rhythm, changing the width of the stereo image, double tracks, using an enhancer (for acoustic) are possible.

Add. Information: INSTALLATION:
1. Close the host VST software.
2. Launch Virtual Guitarist OS X following the instructions.
3. Select Content Folder, create Virtual Guitarist folder
4. Copy banks of sounds from VG CD1, VG CD2, VG ​​CD3 to the folder you created.
5. Run VG Set Content Folder and specify the Virtual Guitarist folder

When opening images, a message appears:
The disk image you are opening may be corrupted and could damage your system.
I checked Mac OS X 10.5.6 several times, found no damage.
To get rid of the “flatness and recognition” there are a bunch of all kinds of plug-ins (iZotope, Guitar Rig 3.1.1, T-Racks 3.0.1, Voxengo, AmpliTube, etc.)
A necessary thing for those who do not have the ability to write live instruments, or need to quickly register guitars.