Audio Damage – Bigseq2 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of issue: 2009
Developer: Audio Damage
Platform: pc
Interface language: English only

Description: Audio Damage announced BigSeq2, a massive expansion of the BiqSeq gate effect feature set. It has twelve sequencers with which you can adjust ten effects in six blocks. In BiqSeq2, you can get almost any gate effect – from short staccato to long, unfolding sound “swings” and frequency shifts.
Six “blocks” contain ten effects in total, and these blocks can be swapped, transferred and controlled in sequence of effects. Each block has its own gate sequencer and modulation sequencer. The gate sequencer turns on and off one or another effect, using the modulation sequencer, you can adjust one or another parameter in the block.

Functions :
* Ten effects in six blocks, each with its own step sequencer, modulation sequencer and sweep generator.
* The gate and modulation sequencer for each effect block has its own time base, which allows you to create a different time signature for each effect.
* Each block has several parameters that can be changed using the modulation sequencer.
* Effect blocks can be rearranged in any order.
* Each sequencer has three independent modes of operation: forward, reverse and random. In addition, each of the twelve sequencers can be completely randomized for interesting modulation and gate effects.
* Built-in effects include VCA, panning, multimode filter, fuzz, sine, delay (with chorus and flanger modes), frequency shift (with loop and phasing modes), downsampling, bit rate and native “Error” effect (“Errors” ).
* MIDI memory function for all parameters for external control. (VST version only).

The serial number is found in a text document.