WaveArts – Master Restoration Suite v5.47 (VST, AU, MAS, RTAS) [OSX]

Year of issue: 2009
Version: 5.47
Developer: WaveArts
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: Master Restoration Suite – a package of plug-ins for cleaning sound from the noise of recording from cassette, vinyl records and live performances.
The instruments used in this kit give truly high results with minimal tuning effort. The set includes 5 plugins:

MR Noise – Powerful Wideband Noise Reduction
MR Click – click and needle skip suppressor
MR Hum – hum and buzz suppressor, high order filters and spectral display
MR Gate – noise gate
Master Restoration – plugin all in one

Superb sound with minimal clutter.
Easy to use.
Low latency (<20ms) can be useful for live performances.
Fast noise floor detection (down to 50ms) – no need to loop the noise sample.
Automatic dynamics keep transitions bright without adding debris to the signal.
It is possible to listen to only distant noise.
Display showing spectrum, signal levels and noise threshold.
Parameters can be edited as a function of frequency.
MR Click combines a click and strong click filter for cleaning vinyl records.
Separate algorithms for filtering clicks and suppressing strong clicks.
Sophisticated algorithms for detecting clicks and clicks.
Keeps the attack of the notes in the melody.
It is possible to listen to only remote clicks and clicks.
Stereo display showing signal levels, clicks and clicks.
MR Hum combines hum and hum suppressors, high-order filters and a spectrum analyzer.
Suppress hum using 1 to 10 harmonic bandpass filters.
Removal of buzz in the band from 20 Hz to 200 Hz.
High resolution spectral display.
Customizable stripe width.
All sections can only listen to the far end of the spectrum.
MR Gate is a full-fledged expander / gate.
Customizable search period
Comprehensive meters