Audio Damage – plugins pack (VST, AU) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2008
Developer: Audio damage
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: I have collected 12 plugins from this company. Unfortunately, some could not be found.

1) 914.Fixed.Filter.Bank.v1.0.3 – faithfully recreated virtual simulation of the 907A module from the Moog Modular synthesizer, updated to version 914

2) ADverb.v1.0.4 – digital platinum reverb

3) Automaton.v1.0.1 is a unique take on buffer effect, allowing you to experiment with creating artificial sound life inside your DAW. Using four independent effects – Stutter (stutter), Modulate (modulation), Bitcrush (destruction of bit depth), and Replicate (I don’t know how to correctly translate), controlled via a cellular automata sequencer, Automaton is able to add subtle shuffle inserts or add a “humanize” effect, but if you want you can turn the effect knobs to their extreme values ​​and watch your DAW turn into a petri dish as Automaton mocks your chosen track.

4) BigSeq2.v1.0.0 – synchronized with the tempo of the sequencer gate with the following effects: filter, distortion, delay, frequency shifter and bitcrusher

5) Digitalis.Discord.2.v1.0.0 – digital emulation of the first mass-produced pitch shifter that has become the standard in studios around the world. Discord has all the features you know and love in the original device, adjusted for modern digital recording conditions, and is suitable from gentle vocals duplication to extreme sound effects.

6) Dr.Device.v1.0.1 is two high quality effects in one plugin. The first in the chain is the multi-mode filter, then the sound goes through a true stereo delay. In addition, the plug-in has an XYZ-window for visual control of effects, the ability to record and play back your settings in dynamics.

7) DubStation.v1.5.1 – delay plugin modeled in bucket-brigade style of vintage delay effects

8) Kombinat.v1.0.1 – From light overdrive to complete destruction of the audio signal, Kombinat is the ultimate acoustic warfare tool. The signal structure of Kombinat allows you to get a fabulously wide palette of sounds, since each segment of the entire device is an independent full-fledged multifaceted instrument

9) Phase.Two.v1.1.0 is a digital emulation of Mutron Bi-Phase, one of the most popular vintage phaser devices, highly acclaimed for its smooth and gentle phase effect

10) Ratshack.Reverb.v2.0.0 is a detailed model of a real-life prototype Realistic Electronic Reverb, which was essentially an analog delay effect. The guys from Audio Damage tried to accurately copy the sound and all the chips of the original device, including modeling the distortion when applying a line signal to the microphone inputs

11) Replicant.v1.0.3 – a plugin that creates a beat looping / repeating plugin in sync with the tempo of the host program. From simple delay or panning effects to massive random distortion, Replicant is a plugin that keeps pace with modern music styles.

12) Reverence.v1.0.2 – A digital simulation of a plate reverb heavily influenced by vintage digital devices. Recreates the thick acoustic character of those early devices. At the same time, it has a user-friendly interface and provides a low noise level and a large sound volume characteristic of modern soft reverbs.