Softube – plugin bundle (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of issue: 2009
Version: softube
Platform: PC

Description: A set of plugins from the softube company.

Softube’s developers believe the Passive-Active Pack will help you achieve the quality you need and “discover new areas of digital audio.”
The set includes:

Metal amp room
Virtual guitar processor for “heavy” styles of Metal Amp Room, plug-in format VST and RTAS,
has two channels, two cabinets, two microphones per cabinet (condenser and dynamic), program-dependent gate.
The processor was developed by the guitarist Patrik Jensen from the Swedish thrash band The Haunted, the sound is tailored
under his requirements. Free microphone placement is possible, as in the Vintage Amp Room plug-in, but in this case
there are two microphones with adjustable level balance and stereo panorama. Room acoustics are simulated.
Full parameter automation is supported.

Spring reverb
Spring Reverb, a VST and RTAS plug-in, has a simulated tube amp with two tone controls, controls for input and output levels, balance between direct and processed signal levels, number of spring pairs (one to three), spring tension, and an automated a “shake” knob for the appropriate thunderous effect.

Vintage amp room
The Vintage Amp Room plugin, previously only available for Pro Tools HD and PowerCore, has been released in VST and RTAS formats. The plug-in contains three models of rare guitar amplifiers and cabinets, free microphone placement and full automation of parameters are possible.

Bass Amp Room
The Bass Amp Room plug-in allows you to simulate a variety of bass sounds, from dirty rock to clean pop. During the development process, Softube employees pursued two main tasks: firstly, to achieve the best sound quality; and secondly, to create an intuitive and responsive application.
The Bass Amp Room consists of a classic bass amp, three different cabinets with adjustable microphones, and a section for controlling tone, compression, and more. The company claims that this is enough to create a unique signature sound and that the main advantage of the Bass Amp Room is its simplicity of functionality.

Acoustic Feedback
The VST and RTAS Acoustic Feedback plug-in uses simulation to simulate guitar feedback. There are controls for the level of feedback and sensitivity. MIDI control is supported. The effect is sensitive to vibrato, braces, slides, tremolo, etc.

Tube delay
The VST and RTAS Tube Delay plug-in is a combination of tube preamp and digital delay. The preamplifier has a two-band passive equalizer and three independent tube stages (for direct signal, delay and feedback). The delay has the ability to delay from 1 to 1000 ms and synchronize with the tempo of the host program.

Tube-Tech CL 1B
Virtual classic compressor Tube-Tech CL 1B Native, plug-in format VST and RTAS.

Softube – FET Compressor
Analog compressor that gives your sound a unique sound

“Passive Equalizer is a 3-band equalizer with incredibly clear and open sound, warm lows and crisp highs. The Active Equalizer, with three fully parametric bands and a hard, dense sound, is a great addition to the former. The Focusing Equalizer is an add-on element that can be used to automatically adjust low, mid, and high frequencies based on filter performance. ”

Versions :
Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B VST RTAS v1.0.3-AiR
Softube FET Compressor VST RTAS v1.0.3-AiR