Wusik.com – Wusik Station 5 v5.8.6 – 100TH RELEASE (VST, VSTi) [WIN]

Year of issue: 2010
Version: 5.8.6
Developer: Wusik
Platform: Windows
Vista Compatibility: Full
System requirements: not demanding on resources
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Wusikstation’s hybrid wave vector sampler is one of the most popular in the world. Now it has more features, several reassignable interfaces, easy loading of presets and many other useful innovations highly appreciated by users.
Suitable for the embodiment of ideas from NewAge to Techno.

Add. information :
• WaveSequencing / Vector Synthesis / Sample Playback and Recording / Additive Synthesis.
• Smooth Over-Sampled Filters.
• Tool-Tips for near every option.
• Integrated Groove box.
• Complete Windows Vista Support.
• Complete Multi-Core Processor support.
• Up to 128 voices per layer.
• Insert Effects per layer.
• Integrated Sample-Editor with Audio-Input for Recording.
• High Quality Over-Sampling Options.
• Studio Reverb (Anwida Technology).
• Effects Collection + VST effect support.
• Stereo Layers.
• Detached File-Browser with search options.
• Drag-and-drop support for WAV, SFZ, WusikPRST and WusikSND files.
• Disk-Streaming.
• Full SFZ Sample support.
• Tons of Modulation Options.
• User parameters are saved in a wIni file, instead of the windows registry.
• Presets can hold comments that display upon loading.
• Master Limiter.
• Real Multi-Out Version.
• FX Version, which you can use to process sounds.
• Special WusikSND and SFZ options: Key Switching, Round
Robin, Group-Mute, Sample-Release and Sample-Legato.
• Special WusikPACK file-format. This allows easier installation of new sounds and backup
too. You can select a preset or a folder of presets, and all the required files for the
preset (s) will be saved inside the WusikPACK file. For easier distribution / backup.
• Categorized Library. With this tool, you can categorize your presets in
any way you want without having duplicated preset files. The WusikLIB
file holds a reference to the original WusikPRST file.
• Master Unison option.
• Smooth Pitch-Bend.
• MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files.

Installation :
1. Run WS_02_Wusikstation_V586.exe, in addition to the installation path, you can also select the appearance of the plugin (then you can reassign it in the running plugin).
2. After installation, run patch.exe and specify the path to the installed dll files in it.
3. After connecting and running the plug-in in the host (tested in FL Studio 9), right-click anywhere in the plug-in and select File Browser. In the menu that opens, select Option (bottom left) and in it UnPack Preset + Sounds, and then specify the path to the Main Sounds.WusikPACK file. The file itself will be unpacked into the necessary folders, after which the entire library of the pack will become available in the presets window.