BrainWorx – Complete Bundle (VST, AU, RTAS) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2009
Developer: BrainWorx
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Brainworx Plug-ins Pack is a pack of the latest working plug-ins for professional mastering from the well-known Brainworx company. Brainworx Plug-ins Pack (plug-ins for professional mastering) are based on M / S (Mid / Side) technology. This unique method separates mono and stereo channels and processes them independently. One of the important features of these plugins is the use of ultra-precise filters and increased signal control flexibility.

Brainworx BX Digital – 11-band M / S equalizer with built-in DeEsser.
Brainworx BX Control – Provides the ability to listen to mono and stereo signals separately. Has a stunning effect of broadening the stereo base of the signal. With zero latency signal processing, Brainworx BX Control 1.0.9 can be used to record audio in real time.
Brainworx BX Hybrid is a 5-band M / S equalizer that allows you to achieve great results with minimal user effort.
Brainworx BX DynEQ Bundle – 4 dynamic EQs with split streaming (M / S technology) with built-in Compressor, DeEsser and Boom! To create sound pressure and density in the bass section.

Installation :
1. Open .dmg file, install.
2. If there are problems with validation or Lodge does not find the plugins, copy the attached components to HDD / Library / Audio / Plugins / Components. If the installation went well, Lodge found the plugins – no need to do this !!!!!
3. If someone needs VST, TDM or RTAS plugins and the host also does not find plugins – write in the subject – I’ll tell you how to do it!