Mokafix Audio – PlugIn Collection (VST) [WIN x86]

Developer: Mokafix Audio

Year of issue: 2010

Version: 1.0

System requirements: VST Supporting Host application


Sentor 1.0 – is a successful experience of modeling warm vintage overdrive. The goal was to create an effect processor with a floating output sum – that is, with different sound production techniques, a given VST gives a different sound with the same settings. This is extremely important for realism.


The Bat 1.0 – is a professional amplifier emulator. With it, you can achieve the sound that is characteristic of blues and punk – that is, a specific “transparent” distortion.


Muffin Rider 1.2 – More than forty years of experience in creating various effects have given us the opportunity to combine our knowledge and new technologies in the new time. This is the warmest fuzz we’ve managed to recreate in VST.


Lamp Driver 1.0 – A distinctive feature is very soft floating harmonic distortion and the ability to double the input gain.


EZ-Driver 1.2 – It is possible to get an overdrive with a clear end in almost one click. Now playing chords with an overdrive effect began to resemble music


D-Plus & D-380 1.0 – A sea of recordings have been analyzed in an attempt to figure out how famous musicians achieve the kind of overdrive they want. As a result, we came to the conclusion that it is wiser not to make a harvester, but to share responsibilities. So, the D-380 is geared towards aggression (you can achieve punch drums), while the D-Plus is more suitable for giving an elegant overdrive on the guitar.


Companero Fuzz 1.2 – A special feature is hard clipping. The input knob has been adjusted so that raising the level by one notch will double the actual amplification of the sound. Therefore, this VST requires skill in handling.


Brass Buster 1.2 – Bass sounding is something completely different. This VST will help you get the right sounding effect on bass. It is impossible to get confused – the plug-in is as simple as two or two, but the output gives an amazingly professional sound.


Cream Tube 1.0.3 – Three stages of signal filtering, on each of which it is possible to clip the signal, which ultimately gives a very original sound. The main input knob has been adapted for a tight, thick sound (tube).


Baboon 1.0 – The Fuzz handle has two modes of operation. In A mode, the tone knob acts like a simple EQ – cuts off all high frequencies. In “In” mode, the tone knob picks up the mids and the Tone Knob boosts the sound above 7kHz.