Audio Ease – Cabinet v1.0.0 (VST, AU, RTAS) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2009
Version: v1.0.0
Developer: Audio Ease
Platform: MAC OSx
System requirements: minimal: Mac OS X 10.4, G4 or better, 512 MB RAM, plug-in host
recommended: Mac OS X 10.5, intel, 2 GB RAM, plug-in host
Interface language: English only x
tablet: Present x

Description: An emulator of guitar cabinets from the Audioease company. Five guitar amps. Top class studio. Classic spring reverb. The purpose of the plugin is to make your guitar sound as if you were recording it in a professional studio with real cabinets and monitors. (how much he succeeds is another question)
This plugin consists of three of Speakerphone’s most beloved elements:

five guitar cabinets;
professional recording room;
classic spring reverb.

Also, do not forget about the traditionally high sound quality of Audio Ease, because this company has won awards more than once.
Install this app, put it after your favorite preamp and make sure Audio Ease Cabinet is something special!
All effects are based on samples professionally recorded from signature guitar cabinets. This plug-in (as well as 33 additional Speakerphones) will help you achieve true high-quality and natural sound. Use your favorite preamp and have a real live music experience with the new Cabinet.