MuTechnologies – MuVoice v1.3 (VST, RTAS) [WIN x86]


Developer site: Mu-Technologies
Year / Release Date Plugin: 2010
Platform: Windows x86
Version: 1.3
Interface language: English
Tabletka: Cured

Mu Voice plug-in VST format [Windows, SSE and AltiVec technologies are supported]
designed for vocal processing:
correction of intonation, adding polyphony [up to four voices, choice of fret or chords,
creating your own frets / chords] and special effects.
The proprietary technology of spectral analysis and synthesis is used.
It is possible to control the parameters of voices [level, panorama, pitch, octave, formants,
humanization, filters, equalization], automation of changing chords and presets, saving settings.
There is a built-in tuner.
Monaural audio with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz is supported.
Intrinsic latency is no more than 5.8 ms.