DyVision Works – Reverb Remover v1.0 (VST) [WIN x86]

Version: 1.0
Developer: DyVision Works
Interface language: English
Tabletka: Not required

Description: Reverb Remover VST 1.0 is an original and unusual vst plug-in from DyVision Works, the essence of which is to remove reverb from recordings.
When can this plugin come in handy? Well, for example, if you do not have the opportunity to re-record, remove the impulse, thus doing something like removing sound by reverb inversion – this is exactly what you need. This plug-in for removing reverb can be classified as a noise suppressor, as well as a de-esser. The effect we get after processing with the plug-in is that the sound becomes clearer. During the development of the plug-in, unique technologies were used.

DyVision Reverb Remover from DyVision Works is a VST effect for use in modern DAW programs. It can remove reverb from an audio signal, and also has de-essing and background noise reduction capabilities. It is designed to be used as an insert effect on stereo audio signals.

DyVision Reverb Remover is NOT a gate or a transient shaper, but employs an entirely new approach to separate and remove reverb and leave you with a cleaner, ‘dryer’ signal.
Remove the reverb from an audio signal.

Ideal for treating audio recorded in a less-than-perfect acoustic environment (eg. An echoey project studio or when on location)
Unique proprietary algorithms (this is NOT another gate or a transient shaper).

Incredibly simple to get the results you want with intuitive and minimalist controls.

As a side benefit, Dyvision Reverb Remover also helps to de-ess an audio signal and reduce ambient background noise levels.