StudioDevil – Virtual Guitar Amp II v2.1 (VST, RTAS) [WIN x86]

Year / Date of Issue: 08.2010
Version: 2.1
Developer: StudioDevil
Developer site:
Interface language: English
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: Requires a VST, Audio Units,
or RTAS audio host for Windows
or Mac OS X.

Description: Version 2.1 of the popular tube guitar combo simulator.
In the new version:
* 18 Preamp Models cover every range / * 18 Preamp Models
of playing styles and modeled using / covering the entire range of guitar playing styles
Studio Devil’s proprietary digital vacuum / and modeled using our own
tube modeling technology … nothing else / Studio Devil’s digital vacuum lamp technology
sounds as real as Studio Devil because it / and nothing else sounds as realistic as
uses exclusive and patented tube modeling / Studio Devil because it uses exclusive
algorithms! / and patented lamp-modeling algorithms!
* Authentic Tone Controls: Gain, Bass, Mids, / * Authentic Tone Controls: Gain, Bass, Mid,
Treble, and Presence controls that interact
with your tone just like on real tube amps! / as if it happens on real tube
* 18 Cabinets selected from the world-renown / amps!
Red Wire Impulses® collection! / * 18 cabinets selected from the famous impulse
* 2 Studio Quality Modulation Effects: Tremolo / Red Wire Collections.
and Chorus / * 2 studio-quality modulation effect: tremolo
* 2 Delay Effects: Echo Modeler and World-Class / and Chorus.
Reverb / * 2 delay effects: Echo Modeler and World-Class Reverb.
* Noise Gate with adjustable Threshold. / * Noise Gate with adjustable threshold.
* Built-In Chromatic Tuner to stay in tune. / * Built-in chromatic tuner for fine tuning.
* Master Volume control. / * General volume knob.