IZotope – RX Advanced v2.02 – DYNAMiCS (VST, AS, RTAS, MAS, AU) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2011
Version: v2.02
Developer: iZotope, Inc.
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Description: iZotope RX is the most complete software solution for sound restoration on the market today, a unique stand-alone application designed from the ground up to deal with the entire spectrum of audio problems. In addition to unique technological qualities that deliver maximum results, the powerful tools built into the RX can also produce quality sound processing that conventional restorative products cannot. This, coupled with completely new signal processing technologies, results in cleaner, more natural and better sound restorations.
RX is ideal for audio restoration and archiving, recording and mastering, streaming and podcasting, video production, and more, with a complete set of audio restoration tools.
Standalone application, or part of a DAW digital sound station
As a standalone application, RX provides an ideal environment for sound restoration. But in cases where you need RX properties in your favorite audio synthesizer or editor, you can use separate RX plugins.

RX Tools
√ Hum Removal – Removes electrical noise and hum
√ Declipper – Completes trimmed audio from reloaded A / D converters and analog devices
√ Declicker – Eliminates clicks, crackles, pops and other digital noise
√ Denoiser – Removes wide frequency range noise for a very natural sound
√ Spectral Repair – Debug repetitive noise, distorted intervals and audio breaks
√ Advanced Spectrogram – Visual display of audio with maximum possible extension of time and frequency
√ Interface and Workflow – RX includes many automated features designed to make sound recovery easier
RX Advanced Tools
RX Advanced is an advanced version of RX designed for professionals who want complete control over signal processing and delivery options.
RX Advanced features include RX + capabilities
√ iZotope MBIT + ™ audio dither panel for full control of dithering options
√ iZotope 64-bit SRC ™ resampling panel
√ Advanced option to remove technological sounds (clicks and clicks) manually
√ Multi-resolution declipping
√ Multi-resolution spectral repair modes
√ Advanced denoiser options

Key properties
√ standalone sound restoration app
√ Suppression of noise of different tones of a wide range without the harsh interference from other applications
√ Removal of repetitive noises, distorted intervals and breaks with Spectral Repair resynthesis
√ Eliminate distortion caused by overload by automatically repairing clipped audio portions
√ Removing background electrical noise and hum
√ Removing impulse noise such as clicks, clicks, etc.
√ a more detailed view with innovative measurements and the most advanced spectrogram indicators
√ time and frequency selection to detect and correct specific noise
√ saving time due to the possibility of simultaneous processing of several parameters and return to previous settings (undo), as well as viewing the history of changes

√ Broadcasting & Podcasting – Clean up outside recordings, phone interviews, studio background noises, and more.
√ Recording & Music Production – Eliminate hum, hiss and external noise from live and studio recordings
√ Restoration & Archiving – Remove click and click sounds, mechanical noises and hums, and even repair broken audio breaks
√ Video Production – Ideal for cleaning up dialogues as removes unwanted background noise
√ Forensics – Advanced noise reduction for maximum voice intelligibility, spectrogram for more detail for better visual analysis

Next generation technology
For the past 4 years, iZotope has been developing the latest methods for recovering noisy and damaged audio files, and now iZotope RX introduces an innovative new technology.
√ Denoiser. RX’s Denoiser uses techniques borrowed from digital imaging to reduce interference and distortion caused by noise cancellation.
√ Spectral repair. Thanks to an intelligent system, the RX Spectral Repair module can re-synthesize damaged or missing audio fragments. The result is amazing – you can even recreate details such as the vibration of a singer’s voice or changes in stride.
√ Declipper. Many RX modules, such as the Declipper, use advanced multi-lane processing techniques to achieve impressive results.