Sonic Charge – Bitspeek v1.0.2 (VST) [WIN x86 x64]

Developer: soniccharge /

Release Year: 2011 /

Version: v1.0.2 /

Interface Language: English Bit Depth: x86 / x64 /

System Requirements: A host application that supports VST plug-ins

Tablet: Disconnected

Bitspeek is an original pitch excitation (vocoder type) effect based on a linear prediction-based speech coding algorithm. You may have never heard of linear prediction (LP), although many of us use it on a daily basis when talking on a cell phone. LP coding is a voice compression technology that appeared in commercial products in the seventies and was implemented in some of the well-known talking toys of the eighties. Bitspeek works by analyzing some of the characteristics of the original audio, such as pitch and formants, and then resynthesizing it using an oscillator, noise, and filter in combination.

Changes in v1.0.2:
64-bit support.
Changed to Stereo I/O configuration (although the effect is monophonic).
Improved compatibility with older VST 2.3 hosts and wrappers.
Many other minor compatibility improvements.