CrySonic – SINDO v2.0 (VST, AU) [MAC]

Year of issue: 2008
Version: 2.0
Developer: Crysonic
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
System requirements: PowerPC or Intel Mac
… 512MB RAM or more
… Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
… AU or VST compatible audio application
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

SINDO is a hybrid stereo pan / extender offering the highest level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. The plugin has an intuitive user interface for high efficiency. SINDO allows you to expand and enrich the sound space of a track without affecting its mono compatibility and tonality. The annoying “phasing” found in other processing plug-ins of this type is eliminated by using a simple three-part processing process. Also in the plug-in there is a phase-compensated “Shaffler”, which allows you to improve the sound space of low frequencies without the effect of “phase”.

The main functions of SINDO:
Hybrid Stereo Panorama Expander / Narrower
Classic “Schaffler” for enhancing bass response.
Easy to use, monocompatible.
Minimal “phasing” effect
Does not affect the tonality of the original sound
8 preset presets
Full automation of all parameters via the host application
Low consumption of CPU resources
Internal bit depth 64 bit
Audio support 24bit / 96Khz
Highly optimized digital signal processing code.
Mastering, mixing, restoration, post-production and enrichment of the sound of the track.

Improving sound space without losing mono compatibility
Precise positioning and adjustment of balance / sound level
Expansion of a stereo panorama without artifacts
Improving bass space while maintaining mono compatibility.

Crysonic today announced the release of SINDO V2, a hybrid stereo image expander (widener) / Narrower with new features offering a high level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. SINDO V2 offers a uniquely powerful stereo toolkit for digital editing, mastering and tracking for all stereo audio material. SINDO V2 allows to dramatically broaden and ‘sweeten’ the spaciousness of the stereo image whilst retaining mono compatibility and not affecting the tonal character of the original sound. The Global and individually adjustable frequency ‘Rotations’ can be used to Pan the center stereo image without altering the mix level balance. Designed for efficiency SINDO V2 comprises of an intuitive user interface with full automation of all parameters and features such as the ability to double click on any dial to set it to default. The fatiguing ‘phasiness’ found in other processors of this type has been avoided by adhering to established audio engineering principals. Two Phase-compensated ‘Hi and Low Shufflers’ are also included to further enhance and improve the spaciousness without introducing unwanted artifacts.
SINDO V2 is now available to purchase on-line from the crysonic website and is available for Mac OS X Universal Binary AU, VST and PC VST formats.
Stereo Base Expander (Stereo Imager)

Add. Information: Stereo base extender (stereo imager)