DDMF – All Effects Bundle R2 (VST) [WIN x86 x64]

Developer: ddmf

Year / Release Date: 10.2011

Version: v10

Interface language: English

System requirements: VST Supporting Host application

Bit depth: x86 / x64

Tabletka: Released by ASSiGN

Plugin list and description

LinComp VST v1.0 (new) – linear multiband compressor from DDMF.

6144 EQ v1.0.2 (New GUI!) – a digital clone of the famous Neve Portico 5033 equalizer. The DDMF plug-in offers three peak filters with a special “gain-Q-interaction”, customized high and low shelf filters, plus the most correct quantity generated harmonics.

ColourEQ v1.1.2 – is not just another equalizer: with 4x ordinal IIR (IIR) filter, it sounds different from others. It has 5 bands with super parametric peak filters, which means there is one more parameter in addition to the traditional gain / width / frequency, whose settings can influence the shape of the curve. These shapes cannot be reproduced with conventional IIR equalizers. Additional features: customizing the interface color, changing the size of the plugin, internal 64-bit processing and low CPU load

IIEQPro v3.0 – 10 band equalizer with 10 filter types, the sound is processed sequentially or in parallel. Option A / B for quick comparison. Low load on the processor without loss of quality. High quality frequency analyzer with zoom and scroll

NYCompressor v2.0 – is the perfect workhorse when it comes to controlling dynamics in a mix.
From gentle squeezing to “glue” your mix to heavy compression of drums with extreme pumping. Features: ratio up to 1:10, true sidechain (4 inputs), Hard / soft knee (hard / soft knee), parallel (New York) compression. NYCompressor transforms your “weak sounding” music into “powerful and exciting” music with just a few turns of the knobs.

NoLimits v1.1 – At the end of a long day of work at the remote control, when everything finally fell into place, the best moment comes (after the glass of whiskey is full): load NoLimits at the end of the effect chain, turn one knob, lean back and enjoy …
This look-ahead limiter completes mixing and mastering with DDMF and will be a great weapon in creating your competitive level.

LP10 v4.0 – 10 band equalizer without compromise in sound quality: FFT algorithm with frequency resolution from 2.7 Hz to 44.1 kHz that guarantees smooth response from deep bass to the very top. A proprietary flexible approach gives you complete control over the phase response of each of the 10 bands. A built-in spectrum analyzer will help guide your ears in the right direction.

StereooeretS v1.1 – With the help of StereooeretS you can increase the stereo field as much as you like, without losing emphasis in the lower range and removing energy from the center channel. It splits the sound into bass and treble parts and lets you adjust the width, level, and even pan of both bands independently! Features: can switch between L-R and M-S signal. The phase of both channels can be inverted. Solo mode for all bands and channels to help you hear what you are doing. Built-in stereo field analyzer to prevent phase leakage .

Metaplugin v2.0.2 – is a flexible piece of software that loads other VST plugins and allows you to combine them as you wish. Plugins can be dragged, shuffled, as you please, the interface size freely changes and adapts to you, connections are made by dragging and dropping a cable between the in and outputs of the effects you loaded. Chains can be saved so that the user can create custom effects from existing modules. The package includes a flat-summing four band crossover filter and a mid-side matrix as additional bonuses. Thanks to multiband and mid-side VST plug-ins can be built instantly.

DDMF has updated their 6144 equalizer to version 1.0.2 and the Metaplugin to version 2.0.2.
Changes in 6144:
Some automation issues were fixed.
Changes in Metaplugin:
Parameter exposure to the host has been rewritten. Up to 100 parameters can now be mapped onto parameters of plug-ins loaded into Metaplugin. Automation is now enabled for Audio Unit as well as VST.

Installing LinComp v1.0
Copy the dll file corresponding to the bitness of your host to the folder with your vst plugins.