Wave Arts – Bundle v5.6.0 (AU, VST, RTAS, MAS) [MAC]

Year of issue: August 2012
Version: 5.6.0
Developer: Wave Arts
Platform: Intel only
System requirements: Mac OS X> = 10.4
Interface language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Wave Arts Bundle consists of

Restoration Suite 5.6.0
MR Noise – Powerful Wideband Noise Reduction
MR Hum – hum and buzz suppressor, high-order filters and spectar display
MR Click – click and needle skip suppressor
MR Gate – noise gate
Master Restoration – everything listed above in one plugin

Power Suite 5.6.0
• TrackPlug 5
TrackPlug plug-in includes 10-band equalizer and compressor / gate at the same time. It is intended for processing tracks during mixing. Although the algorithms sound pretty standard, TrackPlug has a low CPU utilization, so it can be used in any multitrack program, even on low-power computers.
• MasterVerb 5
Reverb module MasterVerb. A unique reverberation algorithm was applied in it, taking into account the specificity of the propagation of reflected sound waves in various types of acoustic spaces, taking into account their frequency components. It should be noted that the processing results in MasterVerb differed from those obtained in other programs in their softness and transparency. As a result, the program began to be recommended not only for mastering purposes, but in general as an ordinary effect processor for mixing and processing.
• FinalPlug 5
This is a maximizer module with the ability to switch to different bit depths with a dithering algorithm. MultiDynamics – 6-band compressor / expander / gate, de-esser and special smoothing algorithm.
• MultiDynamics 5
Powerful multi-band compressor. Useful for mastering, noise reduction, sound maximization, sound design and more.
• Panorama 5
Panorama plugin is designed for binaural 3D panning (including dynamic). HRTF technology (head-related transfer function) is used. The acoustic characteristics of the space (reflections, reverberation, distance, Doppler effect) are also modeled. The result is primarily intended for listening with headphones, however, there is a technology to remove the interpenetration of channels for listening through acoustic systems.
Tube Saturator 1.1.0
The plugin is designed to simulate the warmth of a tube sound and give the signal the characteristics of analog equipment. You can use it as a delimiter.
Dialog 1.1.0