HyperSynth – SIDizer v1.4 (VST) [WIN x86]

Developer: HyperSynth

Version: 1.4

Year / Release Date: 01/28/2012

Platform: WiN32 – VST

Interface language: English

Release group: R2R

Tabletka: Integrated

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium III/AMD with SSE or SSE2 support
Processor speed: 1.2 GHz
RAM : 256 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows (2000,XP,Vista,7) or Windows x64
Host application: VST compatible host software (Cubase, Nuendo, FL studio etc)
Recommended System Requirements:
Processor: Multi-core CPU
Processor speed: 2.4 GHz
RAM : 1024 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows Vista-7 (32 / 64 BIT)
Host application: Multi-threaded VST host

SIDizer is a new emulation of the legendary SID chip in the form of a modern software synthesizer. Using circuit simulation technology, almost all of the unique capabilities of the two versions of the SID chip (6581-8580) are accurately modeled along with their known disadvantages.
This emulation focuses on the non-linear nature of the SID filter. It offers additional envelopes, LFOs, modulation matrix and routable bit-cruncher to add lo-fi quality. The SIDizer GUI is modeled after HyperSID, which offers easy adjustment of all parameters on one page. Not only is it a powerful tool for creating chip-tune sounds, it can create a unique type of analog sound colored with harmonic distortion that is suitable for creating bass, leads and drum sounds.

Key Features:
– 3 oscillators offering 8 waves: Saw, Triangle, Square, Pitched noise and their combinations;
– special features of oscillators: ring, sync, phase sync, Sqr PW, level;
– table-wave sequencer (8 tracks);
– selectable distortion type 6581-8580 D / A;
– 3 ADSR volume envelopes;
– 12 dB (LP & HP), 6 dB BP SID filter;
– the best combination of exponential curves for the frequency filter 6581-8580;
– emulation of 6581 half wave filter distortion;
– filter envelope + key track for filter;
– 2 LFOs each with 4 joint outputs offering synchronization and switching option;
– modulation envelope;
– universal modulation matrix;
– bug generator to recreate known errors: oscillator leakage, incoming noise;
– Bit Cruncher with pre and post filter routing function;
– advanced 8 step arpeggiator;
– Master: Pitch and Mod wheel, Porta, Spread, Reverb, Delay;
– easy-to-use graphical interface;
– factory preset library created by Torben Hansen (aka Metal of Vibrants)


v1.4 Additions & Fixes:
-Fixed LED buttons reversed on/off order.
v1.3 Additions & Fixes:
-Added new skin + several GUI enhancements.
-Added 6 new mod sources: “Note number, Aftertouch, MIDI Breath, MIDI Foot, MIDI Expression, Constant”.
-Added 4 new mod destinations: “Main Volume, Matrix 1-3 Depth”.
-Added option to set sound engine quality based on C64 hardware or host sample-rate.
-Added zero value for Pitch Wheel range.
-Added MIDI learn and default CC assignment for most of the parameters.
-Now SIDizer responds to MIDI “program change” and “all notes off” messages.
-Now in mod matrix “LFO1 noise” and “LFO2 noise” are renamed to “Random Unipolar” and “Random Bipolar” and their functions are updated to match the corresponded name.
-Fixed Pitch wheel asymmetric problem when it was used as mod source.
-Fixed issue in modulating filter and oscillators amplitudes.
-Fixed minor readout issues.
-Updated documentation: (Added MIDI Implementation Chart , CC tables and etc).
v1.2 Additions & Fixes:
– Added new modulation source: LFO S/H
– Added Loop point option for wavetable sequencer
– Fixed crash while changing filter types
– Fixed issue with preset manager lock feature that was produced in v1.1.
v1.1 Additions & Fixes:
– Added wavetable sequencer.
– Added new mod destination called “OSCx PitchExtreme”, that modulates pitch through 8 octave range.
– Added “lock to 1” option for routing OSC2 and 3 signals to OSC1 amplitude envelope input (useful when the same setting is needed for three envelopes).
– Added option to display preset number.
– Added readout for attack and decay curve.
– Now Acrv, Dcrv and mod matrix depth respond to double click for resetting to default.
– Fixed several readout issues (plugin to host).
– Fixed problem in LFO output signal (SAW and SQR) that did not start at zero phase when retrig was on.
– Fixed crashing when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase.
– Improved compatibility with VST hosts.
– Sound-engine code optimized to save up to 30% CPU load.
– Improved Mod Matrix GUI.
– Increased number of presets to 100
– Added documentation; PDF.
Initial release


R2R wrote:
Previous release by other team will stop working properly.