SoundHack – Pvoc Kit v1.5.0 (VST) [WIN x86]

Release Year: 2012

Version: v1.5.0

Developer: SoundHack

Bit depth: 32bit

Interface language: English

Tabletka: Cured.R2R

System requirements: V 1.50 – Mac OS X – VST, AU & RTAS (PT8,9) | V 1.46 – Windows XP + – VST (V 1.50 available to registered users)

Description: SoundHack is pleased to announce the release of the SoundHack Pvoc Kit, which combines time stretch, pitch shifting, looping and phase distortion into four easy to use, acoustically rich sounding plugins.

Pvoc Kit package plugins are:

Pitchsift is a classic pitch shifter and MIDI vocoder. Offers Fast Fourier Transform or Sinusoidal Tone Shift algorithms with control over tracking and harmonic generation. This allows for a wide range of sounds, from clean pitch shifting to overly smeared harmonics and chaotic trills. The pitch shift can be controlled in cents, in Tempered Scales, or other custom scales. There is also a unique vocoder that maps each live harmonic to the nearest MIDI note.

Spiralstretch is a real-time time stretcher that works by splitting the input signal for multiple concurrent, parallel audio stretchers. The result can be ear-pleasing beautiful, layered ambiences that sound like a cross between time-stretching, reverb and tape delay. Spiralstretch uses a pvoc or granular time-stretching engine of your choice, and allows you to stretch the incoming audio signal from 1x to 100x.

Pvocloop combines the time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms of the two previous plugins in a four-voice loop instrument. Loop material can be either off-the-shelf audio files or sampled live, and can be played back and modified via MIDI control.

Phasemash – destructive phase processing using pvoc algorithms. Phasemash combines a number of simple phase manipulation techniques to provide you with atonal sounds, inharmonic frequency shift (frequency shifting), resonating robotic sounds, spacious ambiences, harmonic transformations, or any combination imaginable. Ideal for processing rhythm loops and live tracks.