Xhun Audio – SmartRig Pro v1.1 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year of release: 2012 

Version: v1.1 

Developer: Xhun Audio 

Developer site: www.xhun-audio.com/site/xhun.php?page=smartrigpro

Format: VST 

Bit depth: 32bit 

Tabletka: Cured.R2R 

System requirements: programs with VSTi support

Xhun Audio SmartRig Pro is a software environment for guitar sound processing. The goal of the SmartRig Pro developers was quite simple: to create the perfect “companion” for guitarists, musicians, professional sound engineers, in general, for those looking for a compact, low-CPU-intensive, high-performance and flexible instrument with unique sound and stable performance. You don’t need any expensive software or hardware modules. SmartRig will provide you with a complete, fast and comfortable environment in which you will find a complete set of analog modeled effects, stromp boxes, amps and cabinets. You can use Xhun Audio SmartRig Pro both during live performances and in studio recording. Specially designed for handling electric guitar sounds, SmartRig Pro also handles a wide range of instruments: acoustic guitars, acoustic and electric bass, vocals, electric piano, synthesizers, and more.


The idea behind SmartRig Pro is simple and effective : creating the perfect companion for guitarists, musicians and professional sound designers looking for a compact, high-end DSP, CPU-efficient tool with rock-solid stability, high flexibility and unique sound.
Without the need of additional expensive, external software/hardware units, SmartRig Pro will provide to you an extremely affordable, complete, quick and easy-to-use environment featuring a full set of analog modeled Multi Fx/Stompboxes and Amp/Cabinets – for both Live and/or Studio recording use.
Feed it with everything
Natural-born for Electric Guitars, SmartRig Pro is the perfect choise also to process and color a very extended range of instruments like acoustic guitars, acoustic and electric basses, vocals, electric pianos, synthesizers or even to bring back to life your old live recordings and audio loops/libraries.
Process with ease any monoaural, stereo separated or stereo interleaved audio source and create your perfect custom tone choosing between a large number of vintage gears including authentic sounding Amp/Cabinets, Modulation and Delay effects, Dynamics processors, Room simulators and much more.
All you need is here, in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.


An all-in-one complete environment featuring Analog Modeled Dynamics Processors, Multi FX Stompboxes and Amp/Cabinets/Room simulation
High-end, CPU-efficient DSP and rock-solid stability for both Live and/or Studio recording use
Process everything : plug-in any monoaural or stereo audio source like acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric basses, vocals, electric pianos, synthesizers or even your old live recordings and audio loops/libraries

2-In / 2-Out or 1-In / 2-Out processing
CMP-1 : Master Compressor
EQ-3 : 3-band Equalizer
Four insert effects slots with the possibility to choose between 11 analogue modeled Stompboxes (more will follow)
Exclusive : Including Ambiverb, a high-end resonator-based natural Reverb algorithm
Amp/Cabinet simulation, with the possibility to choose between 6 legendary Cabinets including virtual recreations of Fender©¹ and Marshall©¹ vintage models (more will follow)
Room simulation
Full MIDI CC#s mapping
Supported Sample Rates : 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96 kHz