Andronizer – New Panner v1.1 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year / Release Date: 2013
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit

Description: A panning effect combined with a delay in the recessive channel of up to 2 milliseconds.
Simple panning (changing the volume of the channels) is not natural, since the analysis of the sound delay is the basis for determining the direction of certain sound frequencies by the brain (not the ear) (if the sound comes from the right, then it enters the left ear with a delay).
Although without this nonsense, a huge number of great mixes have been created …
If the plug is used incorrectly, phase distortions and other evil spirits may appear. I was looking for such a plug-in for a long time, in the end I had to do it myself (SynthMaker). This is my first plugin (hopefully the last one), so sorry
The PAN knob is just panning, Amount adds delay, Level meters are decorative, as any sequencer has its own.

Add. Information: Copy the New Panner.dll file to Program Files \ Steinberg \ VstPlugins
02/07/13 Torrent reload, added delay interpolation
03/05/13 Torrent re-upload, added automation (thanks to our forum member!)