Cycling ’74 – Hipno v1.04 (VST, RTAS) [WIN x86]


Year / Date of Issue: 09/01/2006
Version: 1 Build 04
Developer: Cycling ’74
Developer site:
Format: VST, RTAS
Bit depth: 32bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: VST RTAS Supporting Host application.

Description: AES • New York • October 7, 2005 – Cycling ’74, a San Francisco-based music software company, today announced the release of Hipno 1.0, a new suite of over forty effects and instrument VST plug-ins for VST, AU and RTAS host applications. This package features an irresistible mix of granular, spectral, and filter / delay-based plug-ins featuring the unique Hipnoscope user interface. Also included in the package is an amazing set of processors that utilize live video input as a control source, and a new set of modulator plug-ins sure to captivate both the novice and long-time users of Cycling ’74’s Pluggo and Mode plug-in collections.
Some highlights of the Hipno collection include:
Morphulescence: a cascaded bank of LFO-modulated morphing filters ready for eruption.
Vsynth: a plug-in that uses a live video feed as the spectral source for synth inspirations.
Deluge: a quartet of granular processing engines wrapped into one glittering package.
Shypht: a pitch-shifting effects system enlivened by pitch quantization, filtering, and feedback looping.
VcolorTrack and Modulator Vmotion: a pair of modulator plug-ins to morph and control Hipno, Mode, or Pluggo plug-ins using video color or motion tracking.
In addition to the host-sync capabilities and the ability to use Cycling ’74’s modulator plug-ins for control, many of the Hipno plug-ins offer the unique Hipnoscope interface to create, control, and explore complex preset morphs and interpolations with a flick of the wrist. While immensely satisfying on its own, the Hipno collection also extends the visionary signal processing and instrumental possibilities of the Pluggo and Mode plug-in collections.
Add. info: Old, but little-known and good plugins.