Inear Display – Bucephal v1.21 (AU, VST) [MAC]


Year of issue: 2013
Version: 1.21
Developer site:
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: Serial number
System requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or higher (PPC not supported)
AU / VST (32/64 bit)

Description: Inear Display Bucephal is a plug-in that distorts the sound signal. Bucephal is based on two delay lines; the sound is modified by four modulators, which can be assigned time and feedback parameters.
Bucephal is a sound mangling plugin based on two delay lines designed to be mutated by four modulators freely assignable to the time and feedback.
You can distort the delay time across the 2-second range according to the input signal peaks using one of the two envelope followers and let the feedback bounce up and down using one of the 2 LFOs.
You can choose how to combine both delay outputs using one of the seven mix modes, then send the resulting signal through the waveshaper to either gently clip the peaks or totally destroy the sound using the brutal “Dirt” mode borrowed from our Gorgon distortion plugin.
Flange, crush, pitchshift, stutter or distort your sounds in a matter of seconds with Bucephal’s clean single panel interface, or reach inhuman glitches in one click using the built-in randomizer.
Additional features include the ability to resize the plugin interface to fit your display, share your presets between plugin formats and platforms, map your MIDI controller easily using the built-in MIDI learn system, trigger presets using MIDI program changes, and retrigger the LFOs by sending them MIDI notes.