112dB – Plugins Pack (VST, RTAS) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Release Date: 03/14/2013
Developer: tinyurl.com/c5sfrpn
Format: VST, RTAS
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Not required
System requirements: VST Supporting Host application



Redline Preamp will liven up any “too clean” signal with a tunable combination of odd and even harmonics and saturation.
The uniqueness and brevity of the editing options allow for high-class fine coloring.

This limiter uses an analog limiter model to process the sound, resulting in a warm sound, colored tone. Simple and intuitive interface, low consumption of processor resources. The Big Blue Limiter plugin is ideal for mastering. The user can set the delay (latency) with which the plug-in works: from 0.01 to 5 ms (from 6 to 440 samples at a sampling rate of 44100 Hz).

Redline Reverb is a reverb based on the original concept that delivers warmth and clarity with an extremely low CPU utilization of 112dB. Its main algorithm is based on the Rev-6 and Space Master Reaktor ensembles by Martijn Zwartjes. With dozens of sound enhancements, an intuitive and engaging new user interface, and optimized CPU utilization, Redline Reverb introduces the next generation of these renowned algorithms.

Equalizer. The new version has improved the linear view and the bars mode for the spectrum analyzer (right click on the graphical user interface and select the Spectrum display).

Virtual sampler Morgana, simulates the technology used in rare samplers (circa 1984 release). There are functions for underlining digital artifacts and simulating primitive analog and digital stages. The sampler has two-part multitimbrality and 16-voice polyphony. For each voice, there are two oscillators, a four-pole low-pass filter (with cut-off and resonance control), filter and amp envelope generators (APDSR). Supported sampling rates from 10.1 to 29.41 kHz, eight bits, various output formats (mono, stereo, pseudo-stereo, pseudo-surround). There is an LFO (synchronization with MIDI Clock messages is possible) and a system for assigning MIDI messages to control parameters. Supports sampling from its own inputs (simulates sampling rate change and mic preamplification)

Redline Monitor is a listening, mixing, and mastering tool.
It compensates for the extreme stereo separation found in most headphones,
detailed stereo image of near-field monitors.
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