SoundToys – Devil-Loc Deluxe v1.0.9 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year / Date of Issue: 2012
Version: 1.0.9
Developer: SoundToys
Developer site:
Format: Vst
Bit depth: 32bit
Tabletka: Cured
System requirements: Win, Daw.

Description: Devil-Loc Deluxe is a distortion compressor based on the classic Shure Level-Loc processor. This plugin compresses the signal quite a lot, adds grit, dirt and distortion, making drum parts a nightmare. Since the release time of the compression depends on the input level, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen when you first use this plugin. Luckily, with just two knobs, you can find the sweet spot for your track pretty quickly.
In addition, Devil-Loc Deluxe has a Darkness knob for controlling the tone of the processed signal, as well as the ability to mix the processed signal with the original.