A.O.M. Factory – Plugins Pack v1.7.2 (VST) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Release Date: 03/31/2014
Version: 1.7.2
Developer: A.O.M. Factory
Developer site: aom-factory.jp/
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: Works on Windows 32 and 64bit.
Employs 64bit floating-point internal precision.
Supports 44.1kHz to 192kHz sampling rate.
Supports 64bit floating-point plugin I / O for VST.
Latency Compensation (needs DAW’s support).
A / B Comparison.
Almost all parameters are automatable.


A.O.M. Factory – Invisible Limiter – A.O.M. Invisible Limiter – transparent look-ahead brickwall limiter with automatic timing of attack / release parameters. The Invisible Limiter algorithm reduces the difference between original and processed material. This behavior avoids coloring your material from the final limiting stage. Even with fairly rough processing, it is difficult to distinguish between the material before and after processing.

A.O.M. Factory – Wave Shredder – designed to bring madness to your tracks. Wave Shredder is a collection of destructive processors: Rate Reducer, Zero-time Gate, Waveform Cut & Fold, Chopper and Bit Crusher.

A.O.M. Factory – Stereo Imager D decorrellation-based stereo expander. Conventional stereo expanders (using M / S expansion) cannot hold the stereo information of the signal source. Such plugins sometimes emphasize the elements of the sides of the input signal, however, such processing easily spoils the tonal balance and stereo field.

A.O.M. Factory – Factory tranQuilizr is an equalizer with clear, transparent sound, offering 6 bands and high low pass filters.

A.O.M. Factory – Cyclic Panner – axial transformation panner.


New features and enhancements
[Invisible Limiter] Shipped with a new skin, designed by Ryo Asakura.
[Invisible Limiter] Adds “Suppress” mode in OVERSHOOT parameter. This mode adds small amount of reduction to signal instead of clipping in “Clip” mode. This mode brings analog-like sound, such as more gentle mid-high and fatter mid-low compared with same setup in Clip mode.
[Invisible Limiter] Sets knob’s default value to correct one. Users now can revert knob values ​​to default by Ctrl-clicking.
[tranQuilizr] Adds over-0dB indicator.
[tranQuilizr] Performance improvement for 10-20%. This version is now 2.6 times faster compared with the initial release.
[All Plugins] Add prior notice of license expiration. Notification will be displayed if days to expire is 30 or less.
[All plugins for AAX-Native and AU] Employs new crash guards. Plugins handle internal errors more gently and record it to log file for problem resolution.
Bug fixes
[tranQuilizr for AAX-Native] Enables Alt + Drag operations in ProTools.
[tranQuilizr for VST, Windows] Fixes equalizing curve was incorrectly displayed when a project is reopened in SONAR.
[tranQuilizr] Fixes crashing bug when any band-solo is enabled.