Blue Cat Audio – Plugins Pack v20.03.2014 (VST, RTAS) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 03.2014
Version: 03/20/2014
Developer: Blue Cat Audio
Developer site:
Format: VST, RTAS
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: An SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or later). Any / VST / RTAS compatible host software (32 or 64 bit).

Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.Dynamics.v3.12 – A dynamic effect processor that can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate or expander or even a shaper.
Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.FreqAnalyst.Pro.v1.95 is a unique multitrack spectrum analyzer for mixing and mastering with high quality real-time processing. The plugin allows you to visualize the spectral content of several tracks on one screen with the utmost smoothness, high resolution, in time and frequency. FreqAnalyst Multi can be used in mixing as a frequency overlap detector, thus getting information about how much of the spectrum each instrument is using. In this version, thanks to the “Diff” function, which displays the differences between the curves, it is possible to compare the spectra of several samples.
Frequency analysis can be tuned in detail, in addition, there are three modes for each channel. Instant, Peak, Average parameters of several tracks can be displayed in one simple graph (the plug-in supports up to 16 curves). The zoom and coordinate display capabilities help you accurately measure the spectrum characteristics of each audio track taken. Thanks to the advanced routing capabilities, you can make different settings for each of the tracks, thus adapting the analysis for each audio signal taken.
Three memory slots allow you to store all curves. This makes it easy and quick to make comparisons between several installations or parts of your project.
There are functions for controlling the transparency of the window and advanced options for setting the location. Skins are supported. You can tailor your user interface to suit your needs, thereby speeding up and simplifying your workflow.

– Real-time spectral analysis of audio tracks in Mono, Stereo and Mid / Side: visualization and comparison of spectra of multiple audio tracks on one screen.
– Unique data sharing technology with support for multi-core processors.
– Calculation and display of differences between spectra.
– Full control over analytical parameters with tilt and offset adjustments.
– Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness.
– Display of the spectrum with a rescaled scale, the ability to accurately measure and information display.
– Lots of display sizes.
– display of curves Instant, Peak and Average on each track.
– Ability to name each curve for easier sharing.
– Ability to save curves for further comparison.
– Managing the transparency of the user interface.
– Absolute and relative threshold control.

Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.MB-5.Dynamix.v1.21 is an extremely powerful all-in-one dynamic multiband processor. It can be used as a multi-band compressor, limiter, gate, expander, Waveshaper, or all of them all at once, in any part of the spectrum.
Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.Parametr’EQ.3.v3.52 – 7-band parametric equalizer combining the advantages of both digital and analog worlds. Its special non-linear and pre-sampling functions make it easy to simulate the compression and distortion that can occur in analog EQ, or vice versa to achieve a very clean and transparent digital EQ.
Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.Remote.Control.v2.32 – Allows you to control and monitor multiple MIDI plugins in real time.
Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.StereoScope.Pro.v1.91 – Real-time stereo field analyzer with multiple kinds of MIDI / automation data output. This is a powerful way to analyze how an audio signal travels in a stereo field, and you can easily spot potential phase and mono compatibility issues.
Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.Widening.Parametr’EQ.3.v3.52 – 7-band parametric Mid-Side equalizer based on Parametr’EQ algorithms, which allows you to expand or narrow the frequencies of your choice. New non-linear behavior and the included M / S Limiter Output Limiter also allows you to change the dynamic response of this very special plug-in.