QuikQuak – Complete Bundle (VST, AU) [WIN.MAC x86 x64]

Release Date: 2008-2014

Developer: QuikQuak

Developer Site: quikquak.com

Format: VST, AU

Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit

Tablet: Present from R2R

System requirements: VST Supporting Host application

BarChimes 1.01 (32 + 64bit)
Accurate physical bell emulator.
Crowd Chamber 2.02 (32 + 64bit)
Simulates the sound of a crowd. By simulating many layers of the same sound, sometimes unexpected results are achieved.
Fusion Field 3.33 (32 + 64bit)
A stereo reverb with the purest sound, focused on creating large spaces.
Glass Viper 1.40 (32 + 64bit)
A synthesizer with a unique, natural sense of “movement” with a truly organic sound.
MashTactic 1.01 (32 + 64bit)
An instrument that can split different parts of a complete mix, control their frequencies and stereo placement.
Pitchwheel 4.20 (32 + 64bit)
A real-time pitch bending effect that adjusts the pitch of the sound without changing its length.
RaySpace 2.91 (32bit)
This unique reverb creates up to five channels of surround sounding reverb in real time.
UpStereo Pro 1.01 (32 + 64bit)
It is a stereo enhancer using unique stereo amplification technology, without phase shift or inversion.
UpStereo Free 2.00 (32bit)
A simple and useful tool – it makes your mixes richer in stereo width.