Year / Date of Issue: 2014
Version: 121 176 161
Developer: zynaptiq
Developer website: www.zynaptiq.com
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU with at least 2 Cores

Zynaptiq UNFILTER is a de-convolutional equalizer for eliminating spectrum anomalies. It can remove resonances from the recording room; removes the effect of previously applied equalization, roll-off filtering, etc. The manufacturer defines it as an Adaptive Spectrum Linearizer. The uniqueness of the plugin lies in the intelligent detection of filter characteristics and the application of the “blind de-convolution” method.
This plugin loves to eat a lot of computer resources, so if you have problems with buffer overflows, then use it on a mono track.
To visualize the work of UNFILTER, run a simple experiment. Take a recording of white noise (white noise has a linear spectrum) and apply random EQ to it. The white noise spectrum will cease to be straightforward. After that, put UNFILTER, adjust correctly and it will return a straight spectrum to the white noise. Although the plugin does not see your EQ settings, it can override them.
The UNFILTER algorithm is as follows: an artificial neural network (ANN) analyzes the spectrum. The frequencies that change are slowly separated from all the others and the transient response of the filter is built on their basis. Then the plugin generates an impulse, applies a transient function to it and de-convolution.
To avoid confusion, an artificial neural network is a mathematical algorithm for advanced statistical data analysis that can establish complex patterns between classes of input data and make probabilistic predictions.
Blind de-convolution, or deconvolution, is a complex and interesting mathematical problem.
UNVEIL allows you to reduce or increase reverb in mixed audio, including mono sources, and can be used to alter reverb characteristics, more focused recording and creative sound design.
PITCHMAP is a real-time polyphonic pitch corrector. According to the manufacturer, PITCHMAP will not only be able to correct pitch flaws in polyphonic material, but also completely change the key, chords or melody of any individual instruments in the already finished mix! It is possible to edit by means of a graphic display.