Soundiron – Kalimba (WAV, KONTAKT)

Developer: Tonehammer
Format: Kontakt 2 and .wav
wav stereo, 16 bits, 44100 kHz

Description: Kalimba is a tonal and percussion instrument
and is a species of the African Mbira. It is a hollow wooden case with metal plates inside. In childhood, probably, many turned the handle, playing an unpretentious melody, such as “Oh, you canopy, my canopy.”
Tonehammer Kalimba Facts:
* 3 Locations (Dry, Small Bright Hall, Large Dark Hall), 4 total microphone positions (Dry, Small Hall Far mics, Big Hall Close Mics, Big Hall Far Mics)
* Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 16Bit
* 4 x 2 instrument patches (untuned / tuned), 1,036 samples, 609 MB installed.