VSL Horizon Series: Chamber Strings – Violins (KONTAKT) [RAR]

Developer: Vienna
Website: _http: //vsl.co.at/
Format: WAV, NI Kontakt
wav, 24 bits, 44100 kHz

Description: VSL Horizon Series: Chamber Strings – Violins (Wav, NI Kontakt) – a library of samples of stringed instruments. Good for simulating the sound of a chamber string ensemble. WAV samples already organized into instruments for the NI Instruments Kontakt 3 sampler
The total size of the library is about 5 GB. To reduce the download volume, each library folder is packed in a RAR archive (size – 2.8 GB)
Official press release
The Vienna Symphonic Library is delighted to offer this most flexible and expressive string ensemble, the Chamber Strings. Useful for small orchestrations, split string groups (divisi) or for mixing with big ensembles to create fine nuances and rich textures, the Chamber Strings will rise to almost any occasion – from Baroque to Pop. The ensembles of six violins, four violas, three cellos and two double basses allow for beauty and perfection even within the smallest musical details. All four string groups offer Legato, Portamento Legato, Detache, Spiccato and Repetition Performances, to be played with the unique Performance Tool. New playing techniques include natural harmonics and flageolet glissandos. The Chamber Strings not only offer absolute homogeneity with the existing editions of the Vienna Symphonic Library, but are also versatile as stand-alone instruments due to their wide selection of playing techniques and extensive articulations.

Violin ensemble (6 players)
Viola ensemble (4 players)
Cello ensemble (3 players)
Double bass ensemble (2 players)
• Short and normal staccatos (up and down bow)
• Short detaches (up and down bow)
• Long detaches (up and down bow)
• Sustained notes
• Tremolos
• Crescendo and diminuendo (various tone lengths)
• Special dynamics (fortepiano, sforzato, sforzatissimo)
• Half & whole tone, normal and Baroque trills; with constant dynamics, crescendo and diminuendo
Harmonics (flageolet):
• Harmonics on every string, harmonics glissandos
• Normal and Bartok pizzicato, 2 variations each
Performance Elements:
• Legato: Variations for slow and fast lines piano and forte, portamento, detache, spiccato
• Repetition Performances: Legato, portato, and staccato; piano, mezzoforte, crescendo and diminuendo


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