Bela D Media – Diva Revamp (KONTAKT, WAV)


Developer: Bela D. Media
Format: Kontakt 2 and 3 / Wav
Quality: 16 bits 44.1 KHz 1411.2 Kbps

Description: From angelic to sinister, Diva recreates the true splendor of a female voice. This fun sample library offers many options; two soloists took part in its creation, singing according to the classical canons. All the characteristic features of a female voice are present here. The soloists were recorded separately. DIVA offers the user the subtlest nuances inherent in the singing of each of them; the voices are surrounded by the natural atmosphere of a 19th century church. Two different variations of vibrato and attack mixed with many expressive layers. DIVA contains vowels, vowels marcato, as well as “authentic” syllables. And finally, another important part is the Performance Files. Perhaps the most exciting section of DIVA is the trilogy of phrases in different keys. All are recorded with natural legato, varying breathing levels, and natural mouth noises.
Diva Extended offers users a new level of playability and control. You will truly enjoy working with unique, even-pitched vocal sound, where you can choose the moment the vibrato starts. In

addition, it is now possible to control vibrato using the AM wheel. You will have many special tools right at your fingertips.
Straight Tone
Delayed Vibrato
Recorded intervals